Masculinities in a Global Era

Published reviews:

  • “Gelfer is not interested in providing the reader with comfortable assurances of what men have been and always will be. He is clearly more interested in introducing disquiet in terms of liberating thinking from fixed, essential, and permanent definitions of masculinity” — PsycCRITIQUES (59.30, 2014)

[Edited collection published in 2013 in Springer’s International and Cultural Psychology series]

Masculinities research has evolved considerably over the past 25 years. Feminist analysis demonstrated how patriarchy functioned by oppressing women. Masculinity studies demonstrated that men could not be viewed as a homogenous group, revealing instead a diversity of masculinities, in the plural. Further still, the proposal of hegemonic masculinity demonstrated how men regulate one another, as well as women. More recently, what might be described as a “global turn” has emerged in which masculinities are no longer considered solely from a North American and European perspective, rather from every part of the world. Previously viewed largely via a sociological lens, Masculinities in a Global Era extends this conversation by analyzing global masculinities from a psychological perspective. Canvassing a broad array of psychological aspects such as the construction of identity, the negotiation of power, coping with trauma, and sexuality, the collection shows how masculinities are experienced, performed and embodied in geographically dispersed communities. Importantly, Masculinities in a Global Era explores a much-needed but elusive possibility within the study of masculinities: a forum in which the often polarized approaches of pro-feminists and men’s rights advocates can begin to move beyond their entrenched historical positions towards a more fruitful and nuanced future.

Table of Contents

01: Introduction (Joseph Gelfer)

Part 1: Theoretical Models

02: New Directions in Gender Role Conflict Research (Cormac Ó Beaglaoich, Kiran M. Sarma, Todd G. Morrison)

03: Will the Real Joseph Gelfer Please Stand Up: Multiple Masculinities and the Self (Joseph Gelfer)

Part 2: Masculinity and Stability

04: Youthful Warrior Masculinities in Indonesia (Pam Nilan, Argyo Demartoto, Agung Wibowo)

05: Men of Honor: Examining Individual Differences in Masculine Honor Beliefs (Donald A. Saucier, Jessica L. McManus)

06: “Men Are Hard . . . Women Are Soft”: Muslim Men and the Construction of Masculine Identity (Asifa Siraj)

Part 3: Masculinity Under Negotiation

07: Making the Global Bhadralok?: Bengali Men and the Transnational Middle Class in India (Saayan Chattopadhyay)

08: Better Men?: Gendered Culturalized Citizenship in Male Emancipation Projects in the Netherlands (Iris van Huis)

09: Fluid Masculinities? Case Study of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Magdalena Karolak, Hala Guta, Neva Helena Alexander)

10: Masculinity in Ambiguity: Constructing Taiwanese Masculine Identities between Great Powers (Ying-Chao Kao, Herng-Dar Bih)

11: Historical Sediments of Competing Gender Models in Indigenous Guatemala (Brent E. Metz, Meghan Farley Webb)

Part 4: Sexuality

12: Hypospadias, the “Bathroom Panopticon” and Men’s Psychological and Social Urinary Practices (Stephen Craig Kerry)

13: Cannibals and Ghosts: Forms of Capital, Immobility and Dependence Among Former Javanese Sex Workers in South Bali (Indonesia) (Matteo Alcano)

14: Transgender Identity and Acceptance in a Global Era: The Muxes of Juchitán (Alfredo Mirande)