The Five Stages of Masculinity December News Roundup

The pivot to sustainable masculinity

2017 in Review

Looking back at 2017, there are two specific achievements that I’m happy about. First, earlier this year I launched Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity. Creating the course materials for certification was a lengthy but valuable process that forced me to distil my thoughts about The Five Stages of Masculinity in a way that was meaningful to anyone who is coming to the subject with little or no background information. This process also catalysed various new thoughts, some of which have been extended into a more academic form and are currently under peer review: that’s a challenge given I locate most academic studies of masculinity to Stage 3 and I advocate for two further stages of “superior” philosophical and political development 😉

For those who are interested, registration for Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity is open on a rolling basis to anyone who scores at least Stage 3 on The Five Stages of Masculinity Personality Inventory. Certification is available at Level 1 (Introduction) and can be extended to Level 2 (Practitioner).

The second point I’m happy about is giving more attention to the combined themes of masculinity and the environment. This started with my article Masculinity and the Environment: A Double-edged Sword and was extended in to my discussion of masculinity and the clean meat industry. I also worked on some framing activities for this subject, suggesting a pivot away from the term “toxic masculinity” to “sustainable masculinity.”

A backburner theme from this year that I expect to develop through 2018 is how masculinity and gender function in the cryptocurrency community. You may remember that I created a fully-operational cryptocurrency called Masculinity Coin that highlights how the crypto community is skewed towards normative masculinity. As I have observed this issue further I have noticed a divergence: In short, I see Bitcoin positioned as hyper-masculine, with altcoins and Ethereum positioned as more “effeminate.” Given that cryptos and blockchain technology look set to have a huge impact upon society, this is an ideal moment to start this discussion.

News Roundup Sorted By Stage

Some things to remember about the news roundups:

  • this is a curated list which focuses on articles that offer us something vaguely new: this is why you do not see an endless list of articles bemoaning Trump and Weinstein
  • you rarely see Stage 1 articles: this is because Stage 1 is “unconscious masculinity” and anything referring to masculinity is conscious and therefore at least Stage 2 (you could argue that any article about war, violence or domination is Stage 1)
  • articles are sorted by the stage we learn most about: for example, we typically see a Stage 3 author writing about Stage 2 masculinity and the article could be sorted both ways depending on content weighting
  • while Stage 3 is relatively small in society by statistical standards, it represents most articles because Stage 3 holds disproportionate influence in the media
  • Stage 4 articles are pretty rare, and Stage 5 articles are rarer still.

Stage 2

Gen Z Guys: The New Old School

When a Man Needs a Safe Place

Syrian nationalism is all about masculinity

‘Our business is men, and men are not toxic’: Colorado strip club sign raises ire

Poor Girls Are Leaving Their Brothers Behind

Stage 3

Images of Swedish stay-at-home dads spark conversations on masculinity

The Real ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Problem

“Black Boys Embrace” Hashtag Goes Viral On Twitter & It’s A Powerful Reminder Of What Happens When You Reject Toxic Masculinity

Reckoning with a culture of male resentment

Where have all the good male poets gone?

The Chicago bro is coming to ruin your neighborhood

Boys can’t be boys. Here’s how to fix India’s toxic masculinity problem

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and its unexpected examination of toxic masculinity

The ManKind Project: How programmes, politics and pop culture are addressing toxic masculinity

Trump’s Manipulation of Muslim Masculinity

Teen program combats violence by challenging macho stereotypes

The Crisis in Masculinity After #MeToo

“The Crown” proves that even queens must contend with toxic masculinity

Welcome to Our New Age—the Victorian Feminist Era

Toxic masculinity fostered by misreadings of the classics

Hombres feministas recuerdan su pasado machista

Los hombres buscan un nuevo espacio

La diversidad funcional como oportunidad para las nuevas masculinidades