The “Queer” Issue

I’m currently writing the introduction to Masculinities in a Global Era (always the last job in a book). Here’s a paragraph which speaks to my frequent queer references:

The importance of non-straight sexuality is far greater than “merely” representing the experiences of a minority of men. I believe this issue is of crucial importance to all men, as it gets right to the heart of how masculinity is policed, largely by other men, but also by women. Non-straight men are, as it were, the “canaries in a coal mine.” What happens to non-straight men is an amplification of the regulatory processes that coalesce around all men. Therefore, all men should have a vested interested in how their queer brothers are treated, because if those queer masculinities are shut down, it is only a few very short steps for straight masculinities that fall marginally outside of the hegemonic center to also be shut down. Conversely, if those queer masculinities are given room to flourish and are celebrated, so too will the multiplicity of atypical masculinities performed by straight men (leaving to one side here the reification of the gay–straight binary). The “queer issue” is, therefore, not a “queer issue,” rather an “everybody issue.”