Coming soon in Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 6:2


Mythopoetic Spirituality and Authenticity: A Travelogue, Joseph Gelfer


Entering Water: Sea Lion Shamanism, John Farrell Kelly

A Space Apart: Kairos and Masculine Possibility in Retreats of Adolescents, Kevin J. Burke

A Man’s Soul and a Fish’s Scale: Sex, Size and Spirit in Moby Dick, Brandy Schillace


Review of Stefan Horlacher (ed.), Constructions of Masculinity in British Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present, Stephen Hunt

Review of Caroline Magennis and Raymond Mullen (eds.), Irish Masculinities: Reflections on Literature and Culture, Sean Brady

Review of Mary Ruth Marotte, Paige Martin Reynolds, and Ralph James Savarese (eds.), Papa PhD: Essays on Fatherhood by Men in the Academy, Ilya Merlin

Review of Martina Läubli and Sabrina Sahli (eds.), Männlichkeiten Denken: Aktuelle Perspektiven der kulturwissenschaftlichen Masculinity Studies [Thinking Masculinities: Current Cultural Studies Perspectives on Masculinity Studies], Björn Krondorfer