The Masculinity Conspiracy @ Mother Pelican

The Masculinity Conspiracy is now being serialized at Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development. The editor, Luis T. Gutiérrez, frames it thus: “This book breaks new ground. The subject matter is bound to elicit controversy, but one that must be faced with humble courage for the sake of fostering human solidarity and ecological sustainability.”

The friendly folks at the Monash University media office have also kindly done their bit to get The Masculinity Conspiracy word out.

2 thoughts on “The Masculinity Conspiracy @ Mother Pelican

  1. Very interesting, although I can’t help feeling that as long as we are dependent and controlled by money that any other consideration would simply be beyond our ability to control either individually or collectively. If we can free ourselves from this dependency then we may have the scope to recognise the more immediate and real problems we face, rather than the perceived problems we face because of our dependency on money

    1. I think many of the “problems” we face today are connected and require addressing in an interdependent manner: masculinity looks to power, power looks to money, money looks to environment, and so on.

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