The Masculinity Conspiracy in The Brimbank Weekly

A reasonable little write-up about The Masculinity Conspiracy in a local paper, The Brimbank Weekly. Now if I can just get it in The New York Times, I’ll be sorted.

Grappling with the new male order

Some men feel pressured to act in a certain way, writes Ben Millar

Society must be more imaginative about what it means to be a man, according to a Sunshine academic and writer.

Joseph Gelfer says assumptions made about masculinity are so narrow that most men are stifled into acting in a way that isn’t really who they are.

In his new book The Masculinity Conspiracy, available free online, he argues outdated ideas of masculinity prevent humanity from reaching its fullest potential. “It’s about giving people a way to explore ideas and share thoughts without being stuck in the same narrow models and archetypes such as man as a warrior.”

A masculinities researcher in the school of political and social inquiry at Monash University, Gelfer believes these narrow notions of masculinity tend to bear little resemblance to the range of men’s actual experiences. Much of his research has explored the link between masculinity, religion and spirituality.

He believes the patriarchal nature of religion has led to set ideas of being a man that have been adopted by wider society.

With much of the research in the field “perhaps read by 10 other people”, Gelfer said he released the free ebook to take the conversation into the mainstream.

“I’m from an academic background and this kind of work tends to get stored away in academic journals and dusty tomes that hardly anybody reads. A lot of people out there want to have these conversations; they’re looking for answers.”