The Masculinity Conspiracy: Genesis

First notes for The Masculinity Conspiracy done last year on the Sydenham Line commute. I stayed mostly on plan:

7 thoughts on “The Masculinity Conspiracy: Genesis

  1. I have really tried to resist commenting on this( but the ex teacher in me was stronger than my current job). Still got the same almost unreadable writing then? Made me laugh thats all. On a serious note you must feel pleased that you kept to your original plans near enough. My mind never works like that. I have many projects on the go and have to force myself to complete them before I start more.

    1. Hey, that’s a good page: at least *I* can read it, which is often not the case 🙂 I usually stick to the plan, and almost always go with the first draft.

  2. yeah thats what my ex pupils used to say, “I can read it though Miss”, then I did my annoying teacher thing of pointing out that the examiner may not be able too though. I am a loss to the profession to be sure! My own handwriting is awful too to be fair but as the only things I write by hand are shopping lists and dinner money cheques I can get away with it.

    1. You should see my efforts on the whiteboard. I try and give the impression to my puzzled-looking audience that the esoteric glyphs in front of them are the product of a brilliant-but-eccentric mind rather than a malcoordinated hand.

  3. you should go interactiive. My handwriting looks fine on a interactive white board and when it goes wonky I just blame it on the pens not making contact. Reading my above post I realised that I look a right dullard I do write obviously just not by hand, much to everyones relief. One of my ex headteachers (boss) complained that the presentation in my pupils books were poor and I lamented that I have tried to teach them the correct letter formation. He then explained that he meant my marking not pupils work. I also had my oldest daughter’s (10 in 9 days :() Brownie leader say that it was good that I let Erin sew on her badges but since they are all a bit wonky and falling off perhaps I should do it. I pointed out that it was all my own work and not sure who was more uncomfortable with the silence that followed. Luckily handwriting and craft does not form a big part of my working or family life!

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