Men’s Ministry and 9/11

In my book Numen, Old Men I demonstrate how men’s ministries employ paramilitary themes in their efforts to attract men to Christ. This new flyer from Christian Men’s Network mobilizes 9/11 (overlaying the usual aesthetics of swords and shield). It occurs to me I haven’t come across 9/11 being used so explicitly in men’s ministry material before, which is quite surprising the more I think about it. Perhaps implicit in this appeal to 9/11 is a suggestion that the War on Terror/Islam has passed a threshold, beyond which it is acceptable to reference it within this context?

2 thoughts on “Men’s Ministry and 9/11

  1. I love it! Folks doing men’s ministry need to feed on as well as to reflect on intelligent critics’ comments. Great to have your apt input, Joseph!

    1. Thanks Winnifred. I hope people don’t see me as somehow anti-men’s ministry: it’s the way people generally go about the business of men’s ministry that bothers me, not the goal of bringing more men into the church (even though I don’t share such as mission personally).

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