Eschatology Lane Spreads to Swanston Street!

You may remember back in June I highlighted some End Times graffiti near work in what I named Eschatology Lane. Today I must report the disturbing news that signs of prophetic doom are sweeping out of the laneway and round the corner on to Swanston Street!

Just this lunchtime I walked past the previously sensible-looking Melbourne City Conference Centre to see this banner on its steps for an event organized by Melbourne Central City Church:


This is full-on Revelations Hysteria, complete with references to The Coming World Dictator and 666. Beware folks, the clock it ticking.

It’s genuinely tempting to say this kind of thing is heating up on the Road to 2012, but as Walter Benjamin wisely said, “the ‘state of emergency’ in which we live is not the exception but the rule”…

UPDATE: Eschatology Lane Revisited

4 thoughts on “Eschatology Lane Spreads to Swanston Street!

  1. crikey mate!….donna worry…you should see the people up my way stockpiling their basements for the famine that’s supposed to hit this year 😮 ah well soon “my way” will be back down south near canberra…with a smashing new job…that will save the world anyway…eh eh eh.

  2. yessiree bob…it is! i’m so excited…i just can’t hide it…i’m about to lose control and i think i like doot do 🙂 maybe it means i won’t have the time to follow your blogs dear prof…how will i stay abreast of important topics!? 🙁 so… i will certainly keep my ears out for your next talk…in a city near me.

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