I Succumb to Normativity

Some weeks into wearing my new pair of Oliver Peoples glasses, I must confess they are still bringing me great satisfaction, even with a product description supported by gender normativity: “This frame is a laminated gradient khaki marble sculpted of substantial acetate in a bold modified rectangle shape, a modern, masculine optical frame.”My only claim to transgression is that coveting beautifully designed objects is a rather camp thing to do…

11 thoughts on “I Succumb to Normativity

  1. I’m glad the acetate is “substantial”. Nothing drives me crazy more than insubstantial acetate… I find gendering fragrances to be particularly interesting; a lot of the Arab men’s fragrances I like from Amouage smell very “feminine” to a “western” “nose”, full of rose and musk. And as I write I’m wearing my Danish Design watch sold to me as a women’s design… yet it fits on my hairy dude wrist on the second smallest hole on the band. I can only imagine that Danish women must have extremely thick wrists…

    1. I’m normative on the fragrances too: My Marc Jacobs Bang is described both mythopetically and phallically as having “primal masculine woods”. Clearly I need to evolve to Amouage.

      1. Clearly, sir. Next time you come back to the UK (for another pair of NHS specs) fly Etihad, Emirates or Qatar and pick up a bottle of Gold or my favorite Jubilation XXV during the stop over.

        By the way, I’m told that NHS specs were very fashionable in the American indy underground because Morrissey wore a pair in his time with the Smiths.

        1. I believe I was wearing NHS specs at the exact same time as Morrissey: I knew I was ahead of my time as I was being tortured on the playground by Matthew B and Danny M, who are no doubt now doing a 15 year stretch for armed robbery at the local Threshers Wine Shop.

  2. What a pair you are. Granddad would say get out and buy yourselves some nice carbolic soap, a couple of watches from Shirley Market and “don’t those specs look like they come from the NHS?”
    He was a man of rare taste!

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