Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 5.2 now online

Table of Contents:


Joseph Gelfer, The Boer’s Nuts: Concerning the Testicular Logic of Peer Review (pp. 38-40)


Roland Boer, The Patriarch’s Nuts: Concerning the Testicular Logic of Biblical Hebrew (pp. 41-52)

Timothy D. Lincoln, Calling, Devotion, and Transformation: Men Embodying Spirituality at a Protestant Seminary (pp. 53-76)

Jared Champion, Hegemonic Masculinity and Blake’s “Mission of Mercy”: David Mamet’s Cinematic Adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross as Postmodern Satire of Fundamentalist Christianity (pp. 77-96)

Chrysalis L. Wright, Intimate Relationship Behaviors of Cuban Male College Students (pp. 97-113)


Björn Krondorfer, Review of Manuel Borutta and Nina Verheyen (eds.), Die Präsenz der Gefühle: Männlichkeit und Emotion in der Moderne [The Presence of Emotions: Masculinity and Emotion in Modernity] (pp. 114-117)

Björn Krondorfer, Review of Margaret D. Kamitsuka (ed.), The Embrace of Eros: Bodies, Desires, and Sexuality in Christianity (pp. 118-120)

Anton Karl Kozlovic, Review of Drucilla Cornell, Clint Eastwood and Issues of American Masculinity (pp. 121-124)

Nathan Abrams, Review of Harry Brod and Rabbi Shaw Israel Zevit (eds.), Brother Keepers: New Perspectives on Jewish Masculinity (pp. 125-126)