Eschatology Lane

Melbourne is an excellent graffiti city. I generally feel that in our time of commodified knowledge, graffiti offers some great opportunities for both old-school sincerity and pranks. I’ve even followed a number of leads from graffiti that have turned into useful research sources.

There’s one laneway between the train and my office that I will now call Eschatology Lane where some time ago I saw my first 2012 graffiti. It was during the GFC and someone had stuck up a large white poster with black block capitals stating “IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD” under which someone had scrawled “Wanna bet?! 2012!!”

And now we have this:

“things are ending” writ thrice, which must clearly be of some numerological significance to whichever Prophet of the End Time put it there (I like to imagine a rogue member of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth or The Process Church of the Final Judgment).

7 thoughts on “Eschatology Lane

  1. brilliant…dr.gelfer ! i have always felt graffiti is an untapped (and demonised) vital resource for ideas, solutions, communications and connection to community…

  2. Ummm interesting and all that. Still dong think you can beat Bristol for graffiti art, not just the obvious Bansky who added much to Bristol (even on some fence railings – which cause many a near miss as I drive around the roundabout looking at it) but Cheltenham road and Stokes croft are covered in many interesting pieces of art. I may post some during next couple of days to illustrate my point. There is one particular one that is very similar to your photo.

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