Visual Aids for Christian Masculinity

One thing I’ll say for the Christian Men’s Network is that they send out great flyers which provide excellent visual aids to the kind of things I write about. This morning I received this one about an event in Jackson, Mississippi:

From this flyer we can read the key themes about how masculinity is defined in men’s ministries:

  • Victory: combat
  • Fight: the blend of metaphorical and physical violence
  • To be a man: claiming there is such a singular thing
  • Power: reasserting masculine power in the church
  • Successful: masculinity through (usually business) success
  • Otto Kelly: the mobilization of sport
  • BBQ included: eating meat
  • New Jerusalem Church: the recent Dispensationalism in men’s ministry planted by Bill McCartney.

5 thoughts on “Visual Aids for Christian Masculinity

    1. It’s mostly about the Prosperity Gospel in evangelical ministries: there’s a greater emphasis on the epistemological privilege of the poor with the Catholics.

    1. Ha: true. However, one word of caution: comments about Southerners/Red Necks have a sneaky habit of slipping from justifiable social criticism to questionable classism. Taking the piss out of cultural difference among the white Southern poor seems to be the last acceptable discrimination among progressive Americans (of course, in Europe, there remain the Irish, Mediterranean nations and Roma to poke!).

  1. Yes. I had a similar debate just the other day regarding comments that not only did 50% of US Americans not know where Egypt was on the map ( fair comment but that probably goes for 50% from anywhere)) but the same 50% probably did not where their arses were either.
    I have no problem with criticising the politics of a large proportion of voters( we have only to look at NZ and UK) but classism is another matter.
    It’s just too easy when there are such obvious targets.

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