Meat, Masculinity and Men’s Ministries

With all these meaty posts around recently I am embarking on a new journal article entitled, Meat, Masculinity and Men’s Ministries (or, for added alliteration and oral satisfaction, Mmmm: Meat, Masculinity and Men’s Ministries).

I’ll be consolidating and expanding some previous observations about meat in men’s ministries in America, Australia and the UK, and how these operate as signifiers for normative masculinity. Theoretically, I’ll be mobilizing Carol Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory to highlight how this feeds the masculinist agenda of men’s ministries. I’ll also be using David Grumett and Rachel Muers’ recent Theology on the Menu: Asceticism, Meat and Christian Diet as a base for some theological reflections on the matter. On a foody point, I was just looking at Angel F. Mendez Montoya’s The Theology of Food: Eating and the Eucharist. Am I the only person who sees a eucharistic pair of genitalia in the following cover image?

11 thoughts on “Meat, Masculinity and Men’s Ministries

  1. yes…the phallus “stands out” first…then the lips…um mouth.? that what you meant by the “eucharist pair”? wish i had time to read all these fabbo references. even the titles resonate…and the “felt” content. i agree with the saying “you are what you eat”…for many reasons and on many levels. happy munching.

    1. Thanks NT Wrong. Indeed. To tweak Die Antwoord’s “Enter the Ninja”:
      “Fuck, this is like
      The coolest blog I ever read in my whole life
      Fuck all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
      Who said I was a loser
      They said I was a no-one
      They said I was a fuckin’ psycho
      But look at me now:
      All up on the interweb
      World-wide, Biblioblogs 2011”

    1. You’re a hard woman to please.

      I find the darkness of his hair more objectionable than its lego style: balls to these handsome dancing Latino monks who refuse to go gray like the rest of us.

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