The Masculinity Conspiracy: Chapter 3 now online

Chapter 3 (Sexuality) of The Masculinity Conspiracy is now online.

This chapter examines how the theme of sexuality is mobilized in the conspiracy via two books: Earth Honoring: The New Male Sexuality by Robert Lawlor and The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire by David Deida.

It shows how these books promote a masculine sexuality of fixed characteristics.

It then offers some different ways of thinking about masculine sexuality in order to counter the conspiracy.

4 thoughts on “The Masculinity Conspiracy: Chapter 3 now online

  1. “these books promote a masculine sexuality of fixed characteristics” …geeze ironic really…”masculine” and “fixed” have long been used to describe each other ?? (in psychological or spiritual speak) .

    hallelujah to a more inclusive, non-dualistic, or extreme bi-polar (!) characteristic to describe masculine sexuality…how refreshing.
    hopefully i will get the time to read ya chapter 3…but at least i can rest in the knowledge that the “conspiracy” is being challenged ?

    1. Well, *I’m* challenging the conspiracy, at least. Whether anyone listens who isn’t already on the same page is another matter.

      Most of the current traffic comes from men’s rights websites where I post notices about each chapter: these are the people I’d like to reach, but the fact that they’re not leaving acidic comments suggests they’re not reading much.

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