Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 4.2 now online

A new issue of Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality is now available online on an open access basis. Volume 4, Number 2 (2010) contains:


Stephen C. Finley, Editorial: African Americans and Mormonism as a Case for the Consideration of Race, Class, Sexuality, and Gender in the Study of Religion (pp. 51-53)


Roie Thomas, Inspire, Expire: Masculinity, Mortality and Meaning in Tim Winton’s Breath (pp. 54-65)

Robert J. Myles, Dandy Discipleship: A Queering of Mark’s Male Disciples (pp. 66-81)

Paul M. Collins, Constructing Masculinity: De Utero Patris (from the Womb of the Father) (pp. 82-96)

Book Reviews:

Nathan Hitchcock, Review of Eric Magnuson, Changing Men, Transforming Culture: Inside the Men’s Movement (pp. 97-99)

Katharina von Kellenbach, Review of Kenneth J. Doka, Terry L. Martin, Grieving Beyond Gender: Understanding the Ways Men and Women Mourn (pp. 100-102)

Björn Krondorfer, Review of Sven Glawion, Elahe Haschemi Yekani, and Jana Husmann-Kastein (eds.), Erlöser: Figurationen männlicher Hegemonie and Susanne Lanwerd, and Márcia Elisa Moser (eds.), Frau–Gender–Queer: Gendertheoretische Ansätze in der Religionswissenschaft (pp. 103-107)

Claire Clark, Review of Trysh Travis, The Language of the Heart: A Cultural History of the Recovery Movement from Alcoholics Anonymous to Oprah Winfrey (pp. 108-110)

Philip Culbertson, Review of William Ming Liu, Derek Kenji Iwamoto, and Mark H. Chae (eds.), Culturally Responsive Counseling with Asian American Men (pp. 111-113)