All is Right in the World

Amid all the criticism floating around on this blog, saraphine just commented that “today i just wanna trust that all is right in the world”. Well, how about this, I go and open the post to discover a gift of an Anne of Green Gables spoon:

Anne remains the finest example of womanhood known to man, but I never once thought I’d get the opportunity to lick ice cream off her.

How wrong I was: All is right in the world.

13 thoughts on “All is Right in the World

  1. Welcome to any Anne of Green Gables fetishists whose peculiar Google searches may have brought you to this blog… I’ve already been accused several times this week of bait-and-switch…

  2. Anne of Green Gables is “the finest example of womanhood known to man?” An unwanted young woman who is almost neurotically eager to please, never shuts up, and dislikes her own looks? Sigh. I don’t know what the finest example of womanhood known to woman would be, but it aint Anne. Enjoy the spoon, though. Don’t mean to rain on that little parade. 🙂

  3. yes…i did wonder at joseph’s choice in tragic-idol-anne…just had to crack up at his sleazey humour…it lightened my day. can you tell me more about that gal anne? good to unpack your fantasy a bit more joseph…for the cause… “numen old men”??

    1. Well, it’s the combination of constant self-analysis, feistiness and wholesomeness (all the better for defiling); and the red hair (although now I come to think of it, which came first: Anne or liking red hair?). In the cultural badlands where I grew up she was the first and only interesting girl I encountered: these things stick, you know.

  4. ooohhh….(smiling)…well monica doesn’t seem to find her interesting so i must go and get to know her (anne) a bit better…can’t have you blokes dreaming of defiling another self-sacrificing, image-conditioned, interesting/neurotic (passionate?) girl/woman !

  5. well…i am in heaven…thankyou for whetting my curiosity for anne of green gables. montgomery’s books were not on my reading list, i was more bronte sisters or jane eyre (for black and white films)…which is why i am in heaven. i have just found the old 1934 film version of green gables and as i have a pause in my life…finished current studies and preparing for career move…i am watching it ! i love the feisty, talkative, red-head and not just because i am one.
    back to anne….

    1. It was the 1980s Megan Follows TV series that did it for me. We recently started re-watching it with the children, but they were bored stiff.

  6. you’re a funny man joseph…and i reckon the megan follows series looks a wee bit boring…compared to the classic. or the book.

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