Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen and the Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment

At the end of last year I wrote an article about “evolutionary thinker” Andrew Cohen, referring to some claims made against him by former students. One of them, William Yenner, has been particularly active promoting his book American Guru: A Story of Love, Betrayal and Healing – former students of Andrew Cohen speak out. Today, Yenner sent me an email about an article referring to his book on the Tikkun Blog which was swiftly removed. Yenner says in his email:

This important article was posted on the Tikkun Magazine Blog for a few hours – I don’t know why it was pulled down, and attempts to reach the author for an explanation were not successful. I can only wonder if it was too truthful and too politically hot. Or maybe it was taken down for further editing; however if that was the case it would make sense for Tikkun to have posted an explanation.

The article also has a good poke at Ken Wilber and the whole Integral scene that offers a legitimizing framework to Cohen (and he in turn to them).

Anyhow, cult-fighter Geoffrey Falk has done us the service of hosting the Google cache of the article which will no doubt soon disappear as well.

It’s no surprise the article was pulled, as it fails to (chooses not to) play by the rules of “balance” that we all have to adhere to these days, but it certainly gets to the heart of these alleged abuses. (See how my inner lawyer emphasizes the word “alleged”?)

5 thoughts on “Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen and the Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment

  1. According to Duff’s tweet [] “Editor at Tikkun says that Andrew Cohen piece was removed due to editorial standards, not threats”

    Certainly possible. The article was a bit of a rant, but convenient for Cohen at al, nonetheless.

    1. Here’s what Dave at Tikkun Daily wrote to me in response to my question about the critical post being removed:

      Thanks for emailing us, Duff, I wish the others who commented so quickly on the web had done so. Be Scofield is going to post the article on his own website. There is no chance of it getting lost. Cohen’s people didn’t have time to get back to us — it was only on our site for about an hour. I took it down because it was not up to Tikkun Daily’s standards of journalism and commentary.
      Be is working on a post that will meet our standards on this same topic and I am looking forward to it.


      Dave Belden
      Managing Editor
      Tikkun Magazine

      1. Cheers Duff: however, I suspect an equally ranty article about, say, Sarah Palin would have made the cut? Of course, nothing particularly new in the article, but it definitely hit a nerve. I imagine someone is now looking into the various alliances of Tikkun’s editorial team. Back to Burkun’s conspiracy model: everything is connected (I’ve even got a couple of connections myself!).

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