The Masculinity Conspiracy

I’ve been alluding recently in some posts to writing something that speaks to solutions as well as critiques. Well, here it is (the start of it, at least):

The Masculinity Conspiracy

What if the biggest conspiracy in human history had gone completely unnoticed? What if that conspiracy was responsible for some of the biggest problems the world faces today? Wouldn’t you want to know? Wouldn’t you want to do something about it? Well guess what: You can.

The Masculinity Conspiracy is a free online book about masculinity. It argues that nearly every assumption about masculinity in contemporary society is wrong. The result is nothing short of exposing a worldwide conspiracy that has been preventing humanity from reaching its fullest potential.

The Masculinity Conspiracy contains ten chapters, the first of which is now online:

Each chapter is divided into three sections:

  • The Conspiracy (how the common understanding of masculinity functions in the chapter theme)
  • The Problem (a critique of how the common understanding of masculinity functions in the chapter theme)
  • The Solution (an alternative model for how masculinity should function in the chapter theme).

Each chapter is published online as it is written: about one chapter every six weeks. The book will be complete in mid-2011.

Readers can leave comments regarding each section of the book: what they think is good, what they think is bad, plus new ideas that should be developed. Some of this feedback may be incorporated into the text, in which case the commenter is cited in an endnote. A change log indicates the nature of edits over time as they occur across the text.

5 thoughts on “The Masculinity Conspiracy

  1. Really interested in seeing this unfold…
    masterful use of millenarian/ David Ickeian tropes… are you seriously going to try to pimp this out to the tinfoil hat 2012 crowd!? Wicked! 😉

    1. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Judith Butler and David Icke come together, as it were. Strange alliances, perhaps, but potent.

  2. bravo prof. gelfer ! i will forward your first chapter onto my 25 year old intelligent being, brought up with parents who were passionate about unpacking the patriarchy. he attended many “men’s movement” gatherings and is even a survivor of mkp ! a scientist and musician to boot.
    enough bragging…just wish i had more time to read your posts and writings..ah well the snippets warm the cockles…thank you.

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