Integral Explorations of Sex, Gender and Spirituality

A little while ago, I was contacted by Sarah Nicholson who is editing a book with Vanessa Fisher called Integral Explorations of Sex, Gender and Spirituality: Emerging Visions of Women and Men, under preparation for the new SUNY Press’ Integral Theory series. The blurb states:

This anthology highlights the cutting edge discourses on sex, gender and spirituality that are emerging from within the Integral paradigm of theory and practice. This collection of essays from academic theorists and advanced practitioners brings the Integral perspective to bear on issues of gender, sexuality, feminism, the men’s movement and women and men’s spirituality, as they appear within disciplines as diverse as psychology, sociology, philosophy, religious studies and art theory. This anthology will feature a broad range of scholars and practitioners working across a diverse field of disciplines including: Ken Wilber, Elizabeth Debold, Robert Masters, Warren Farrell, Sarah Nicholson, Giles Herrada, R. Michael Fisher, Claire Zammit, Luke Fullagar, Vanessa Fisher, Diane Musho Hamilton and Marc Gafni.

Sarah wanted to know if I was interested in contributing to the book, to which I said something along the lines of “have you actually read any of my stuff?” Anyway, after a period of time which equates quite closely with how long it takes to find a copy of my modestly-distributed book in Australia, Sarah got back to me and repeated her question. So now we have settled upon the inclusion of an edit (minus some of the naughtier bits) of my integral chapter from Numen, Old Men in Sarah and Vanessa’s book.

Now, given that I’ve had a bit of a poke at a few of the other contributors in this book, lining up with them on the same Table of Contents seems a bit unlikely. But credit is due to Sarah and Vanessa: this is exactly the type of editorial decision that moves the debate along. It seems there are now a number of folks who want to pursue this debate (see my previous post on Rebecca Bailin’s paper): at some point this should affect the Integral Party line which hasn’t budged since the limited perspectives outlined in Sex, Ecology and Spirituality.

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  1. ;-D

    Sarah actually sourced the book off my shelf a while ago, and we’d been talking quite a bit about the merits of your arguments and their parallels with the broad thrust of her PhD when she decided to contact you. I think the delay was caused much more by juggling an unfeasible workload recently, poor thing.

    I’m looking forward to your paper being published in this edition. I’m sure it’ll help provoke development in the discussion within the multiplicity of integrally-sympathetic communities (especially the many which aren’t towing the I-I AQAL party line). The organisers of the Intergal Theory in Academia conference have already inquired about whether you’d be interested in bringing your critiques and theoretical positions to their forum, and I know there’s a strong chorus in that corner of the integral debate which would like to have what you, and others like Sarah, have to say squarely on their record. I’m hopeful that the publication of this paper right in the middle of the debate will kick off some of the generative action you’ve alluded to.

    1. Ah, it starts to fall into place…

      Both you and Sarah are in Sydney, right? I’ll be in Sydney for a few days next month, in and around the Convention and Exhibition Centre. If possible, it would be good to meet up on 23 or 24 April: send me an email if this might be doable.

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