Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality 4.2 preview

The next issue of Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality won’t go online until June; however, here’s a sneak preview of the first two papers:

Dandy Discipleship: A Queering of Mark’s Male Disciples

Robert J. Myles (University of Auckland)

While conventional readings of the Bible unambiguously presume the normativity of heterosexuality and binary categories of gender, this paper challenges such modern assumptions by purposefully and strategically re-reading three Markan discipleship texts “sexually.”  By combining a socio-rhetorical approach with queer and gender criticism as informed primarily by the work of Marcella Althaus-Reid, the re-readings attempt to penetrate through existing homophobic and erotophobic interpretations. Particular attention is also given to the ways in which the gender and sexuality of the male disciples has been constructed and can be problematized in both the world behind the text and the world in front of the text.

Inspire, Expire: Masculinity, Mortality and Meaning in Tim Winton’s Breath

Roie Thomas (Australian Catholic University)

Tim Winton’s latest novel and winner of the Miles Franklin award Breath (2009) is investigated here within a framework of theistic existentialism alongside a critique of masculinities in the Australian context. This novel presents a particular take on hegemonic masculinity and this dovetails neatly, I argue, with a continuum of spiritual consciousness and responsiveness drawn up by Danish creative writer and theological maverick, Søren Kierkegaard.