Be Present Men’s Movement Pant

Just yesterday I mentioned how a variety of countercultural themes can become commodified. How about this combination of masculinity, spirituality and commerce: the Be Present Men’s Movement Pant :

According to the retailer Asana Activewear: ‘Be Present’s lightweight “Breathe Weave” Fabric, great for yoga or hot summer days!’. The rather queer ‘men’s bottoms department’ continues the masculine spirituality vibe with Yogabela Men’s Gaucho Yoga Pant and Prana Men’s Sutra Yoga Pant.

What next, the Spiritual Warrior Thermal Vest? LOHAS venture capitalists should email me to discuss the value of my endorsement for such a clothing range.

7 thoughts on “Be Present Men’s Movement Pant

    1. Indeed. Before I turned to writing, let alone the subject of masculinity, I had cause to meet on various occasions the author of ‘Fire in the John’, Alfred Gingold: a curious synchronicity!

    1. I had a dream a little while ago in which I agreed to do a masculinity workshop with one of the famous glossy spirituality types. I was paid $20,000 in $50 notes: I was utterly terrified that I would be exposed for selling out as soon as I had the opportunity.

      The conscious capitalists would argue that I have a lot of shadow work to do around money!

  1. I was once told the difference between American Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibet monks will chant “OUM, ‘I’ am a piece of shit.” with an emphasis on equating I with shit. In America Buddhist Chant “OUM, I want a condo, OUM, I want an SUV, OUM I want a yacht.” may it manifest.

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