2012 Tipping Point

The above is the view from my hotel in Cancun, Mexico. I was there last week for a 2012 conference. You could be forgiven for thinking that Cancun is a rather unlikely location for a gathering focused on the evolution of human consciousness, and indeed it is. The conference provided an interesting opportunity to meet some of the more significant 2012 writers such as José Argüelles, Daniel Pinchbeck and John Major Jenkins (who is contributing to my own 2012 book), as well as a number of other speakers addressing various aspects of consciousness.

A cynical interpretation might suggest the conference was a neat way to gather some middle-class Americans to combine their interests of spirituality with having a beach holiday, and selling some books on the side. There was certainly some of this going on, but there were also lots of interesting attendees of various nationalities. Indeed, the attendees were more interesting than the speakers, and perhaps this is the point and value of such an occasion: a quick shout to friendly individuals (whose details are immediately at hand) such as Bruce Fenton, Candia Sanders, Sharon Allen and Hannah Janulewicz who, along with numerous others, countered my typically healthy dose of scepticism with an equally healthy dose of optimism.

And where to next? Apparently there are other conferences in the pipeline for Canada, Spain and Cuba. It’s a good life if you can get it.

5 thoughts on “2012 Tipping Point

  1. I hear that Spring Break 2012’s theme is “Mayans gone wild.” *kidding*

    I’m mostly skeptical of the 2012 meme, but I have enjoyed John Major Jenkins’ view on things in the clips I’ve seen of him speak.

    Sounds like an interesting conference–I also tend to find that attendees are often more interesting than the speakers at such events.

    1. Jenkins appears to be a genuinely nice guy too, which always helps!

      My take on 2012 is that despite the little we can genuinely deduce from the historical record, the problematic nature of prophetic revelation, and the commercialization of the spiritual, there are plenty of folks around that are at least aspiring to use 2012 as a catalyst for change on their lives. However, good intentions are not enough, and if they are underpinned with poor reasoning can actually be quite harmful. This theme also underpins my masculine spirituality work, and in many ways I believe yours at Beyond Growth.

      I think the forthcoming Vancouver conference might be more interesting, as it will draw a wider range of attendees: it required quite deep pockets (or, like me, a fateful funding opportunity) to make it to Mexico.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    You are very kind mentioning little old (or weird old) me. It was great to chat to you. I too felt the real value of the conference was in the networking with interesting attendees. It was a shame this was not more of a part of the event and a schedule time for mingling would of been great or some workshops that got us all interacting more broadly.

    Then again perhaps I spoke to everyone I was supposed to right?

    The cost was prohibitive for those with shallow pockets. Had I not been able to stay with a friend in nearish by Playa Del Carmen it would have been a non starter. Of course I also had an ulterior motive for the trip as detailed on my site. The later trip to Palenque was most rewarding and I feel a step closer to my greater destinty due to it.

    Hope to stay in touch. Feel free to check out my photo gallery on Facebook.



    1. Hi Bruce

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, an evening social event down on the beach would have been good: the photo above from my hotel veranda was as near as I got to the sea, which for a visit to Cancun is quite unforgivable!


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