2012: Let the Mayhem Begin

A little while ago I highlighted the Institute for Human Continuity hoax advert for the new 2012 movie, and how it had the potential to spook people. Well, apparently it did. The Guardian reports of NASA being inundated with calls and letters seeking information about the impending eschaton, ‘”I think people are really, really worried about the world coming to an end,” said David Morrison of Nasa. “Kids are contemplating suicide. Adults tell me they can’t sleep and can’t stop crying”’. NASA has created a special 2012 debunking web page as a result.

This weekend will see many thousands of movie-goers descending on their multiplexes to see the new 2012 movie; I was one of them. It’s actually much better than I expected, but the scale of the disaster is truly epic. How much the movie itself will prove a source of anxiety is open to debate; however, no doubt it will bring many more new individuals to the internet, where they will discover a sea of worrying pseudo-facts.

Don’t forget, if you can hang on to 2010, my own book on the subject will be available, which separates the fact from fiction. In the meantime, have a think about the kind of perspective you’re going to get from the upcoming History Channel series Seekers 2012: ‘WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Male & Female Investigators who are scientists, explorers, or adventurers with advanced degrees (Ph.D desired). Ideal Investigators would already be a team (husband and wife, co- workers) who fall somewhere between the FBI Agents on “The X Files” and “Indiana Jones”. One is a believer, the other a skeptic. One is driven by reason, science and empirical evidence, the other by feelings, intuitions and faith’. Now, that’s entertainment.