A Manifesto for Radical Masculinity

Here’s an article that runs counter to the usual nonsense: A Manifesto for Radical Masculinity (warning, link may not be safe for work) by Sinclair Sexsmith at Carnal SF. Sexsmith asks the questions, “How can I be a feminist and be masculine? Does feminism devalue masculinity? Isn’t that the same problem as devaluing femininity? And more personally, what does masculinity look like on me?’ and concludes, “Radical masculinity is a way to present, perform, play with, celebrate, and liberate masculinity, in thousands of multi-dimensional expressions. It is still being created, recreated, formed, and reformed, and I want to be a part of its ongoing evolution.”

The interesting twist here is that Sexsmith is a butch lesbian. In Numen, Old Men I write about how gay men can be exemplars for straight men, as they resist conforming to normative masculinity. Of course, female masculinities provide other interesting examples to be explored. Judith Halberstam’s book Female Masculinity is a great start on this. Halberstam is also useful for keeping in check the romanticizing of gay masculinities, via the lens of homonormativity, showing how they can replicate many of the same values of the broader patriarchal order.