Rebels to Warriors! (just what Africa needs)

In Numen, Old Men I point out the problems of appealing to men via archetypes of a combative nature. This morning I received an email newsletter from Majoring in Men, a men’s ministry aligned with Ed Cole’s Christian Men’s Network who are currently on mission (in every sense of the word) in East Africa. The headline reads “Rebels to Warriors!”. That’s just what Africa needs right now: a call to its men to look to the warrior archetype as a way of solving its problems.

There’s an amusing 2012 synchronicity in this newsletter too. Majoring in Men have aligned themselves with the Billion Soul initiative which intends to “harvest” a billion souls for Christ. In Whitley Strieber’s novel 2012: The War for Souls (the basis for next year’s blockbuster 2012 movie directed by Michael Bay), a reptilian race from a parallel dimension invade earth to harvest a similar volume of souls to put to work for their own nefarious reasons. Now, if I were a 2012 conspiracy theorist who had read too much David Icke I might imagine that Majoring in Men is a cover for the reptilian invaders in their mission to conquer humanity… 😉