Advice From Two Grizzled Old Feminists

“Two Grizzled Old Feminists” at Feministe write an interesting post about how to engage men with the issue of patriarchy.  From my experience, the issue is making sure the conversation does not become anti-male, rather anti-patriarchy: the two are very different, but men often conflate them. The final paragraph of Numen, Old Men reflects this fact:

“I have argued for the rejection of masculine spirituality due to its patriarchal nature and restrictive treatment of gender. But this does not close down in any way men discussing religion and spirituality in terms which resonate with being a man. It opens up a conversation which resonates with any number of ways of being a man (or masculine) that rejects patriarchy. It is a pro-man conversation because it is pro-person, which by necessity must involve the liberation of all people. Feminist and queer theories and theologies have done most of the work in making way for such a conversation. What is needed now is for predominantly straight men to step up and play their part in a process which will benefit the vast majority of people. This is hardly a new or radical suggestion, but its realization remains elusive. Such is the insidious nature of patriarchy. But as the saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

2 thoughts on “Advice From Two Grizzled Old Feminists

  1. Hi! I just posted a link to your blog on Face Book … Twas a timely read given that someone accused me recently of not understanding issues of masculinity (in connection with a debate over the ideology (my take on it) compared with the value (their take on it) of Promise Keepers, because “you are not and will never be a man” … Hadn’t come across your Blog before, a good read! Have added it to my favourites!

  2. Thanks for dropping by!

    Yes, it gets a bit boring when people start policing who has the right to pass comment on any particular issue because they’re not one of the perceived club.

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