Joe, are you gay?

A reader from asks the question, “Joe, are you gay?” after reading my suggestion that gay spirituality has some value for both gay and straight men (for what it’s worth, and if you think you can safely deduce an answer from this fact, I’m married with three children). He goes on to note, “I’m a hetrosexual advocate. I disagree with the premise of the book” (I doubt he’s read it). I can’t quite tell what offends this faux-reader more: that I might be gay, or that I am straight while advocating some value of gayness.

Reminds me of a time back in 2004 when someone took offence at something I must have written somewhere and defaced my Wikipedia page claiming “In 2002, Joseph came out as a practicing homosexual. He has spoken out on behalf of Gay Rights, and has pledged his future to fighting for the cause“. News to me. At least I was in good company: similar allegations were apparently made on the pages of the Methodist revivalist Howell Harris, Jazz musician John Mehegan and actor Christopher Eccleston. Go figure.