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Gaia.com is an odd place. It has lots of bold intentions, such as “by focusing our energy on what inspires us rather than what we fear, we bring about the world we desire. By keeping kindness in our hearts, we contribute to the harmony of Gaia”. However, it often suffers from a lack of critical thinking which, despite its good intentions, can result in the kind of nonsense typified by the call to “conscious capitalism”. Recently a new group was formed on Gaia, Man in the Maze: Exploring Men’s Spirituality: it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

However, sometimes Gaia.com users hit the nail firmly on the head, such as the following blog post by Sherrilene who liked the extract from Numen, Old Men. Unfortunately she deleted her profile a couple of days after posting (thanks to Google’s cache, we still have it): no doubt she got fed up with allegedly integral thinkers relegating her opinion to first tier consciousness. Anyway, this was her post:

Integral does NOT equal Truth…

I was pleased to have the opportunity to read an article entitled Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy by Joseph Gelfer, who has written a new book titled ‘Numen, Old Men’; and to see him very effectively lay out his views on a number of issues I have had about the Integral Movement and in particular the methods of the ever-famous Ken Wilber and his followers.

Indeed I have been offended as a person several times, to see the manic ego-raging expressed as these persons sought to speak on spirituality and humans, clearly with no interest nor concern for how they destroyed the contributions of people who have been practising spiritual living as a matter of course and were not just ‘waking up’ to the subject, which apparently, many of these new ‘Masters’ were.

But somehow the ‘guys’ felt they had the right to impose their versions of Truth on the world and we better take it!

On distant analysis, and combining observations in different parts of the world on how patriarchy manifests itself, I’ve ultimately concluded that the Masters of Integral and other patriarchal representatives don’t know Truth, or else they would NEVER find the need to minimise another person’s experience or contribution about Spirit, IN THIS LIFETIME! Reflecting repeatedly on what somebody else has written is not an indication that YOU YOURSELF have LIVED on or followed a path, thus the Guru mindset of entitlement to tell people how to think is absolutely off-base and, I believe, quite irresponsible! It is an obvious example of patriarchy in its pure form.

Mr. Gelfer has helped me along to this expression and I’m thankful. I never had the time to sit and read through the ridiculously lengthy elaborations from the Integral posse till now [I was too busy physically helping individuals and groups out, on the ground], so I did not have a solid basis for saying it was limited; just my gut told me, ‘These guys don’t know God, or they wouldn’t have to smash people to bits like this to express their Truth!’ That being subjective and even judgmental, I tried my best not to express my opinion.

Well, as always I think my gut was right! As the Gelfer blog clearly shows, there is blatant discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping woven deeply into the Integral elaborations. It is no different philosophically than the Truth that the Catholic Church imposed and to my mind, is [was? I haven’t checked in recently] simply seeking to take over as the next mind-control approach of many.

I say stay clear of any philosophy which puts people into greater or lesser states and categories for picking apart and assessment. We were all created by this Universe and all have relevance. Like in my commentary on Development, I acknowledge the role that each major thought shift takes; it has its place but it is by no means the complete picture.

Patriarchal leadership has led to such destruction of the Human Being in its pure form, I CANNOT WAIT till it has purged itself out of our lives finally by demonstrating its lack of usefulness for this time and for the future. There is only so much emotional, physical, intellecutal and spiritual abuse this species and indeed all other species that we were supposed to have ‘dominion’ over, can absorb.

Let’s hope this is the tail end of this phase being manifested and move into a state where we can be respectful of all Beings … and especially our Selves. Onto ‘Atriarchy’ and Human Freedom!

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  1. What a small world. I’m following Sherrilene’s breadcrumbs everywhere. I’m not intimately familiar with Wilbur’s notions, so I can’t speak intelligently to his groupies about what I strongly suspect is a “pantload.” I’ve lived through the permutations of what used to be Zaadz, now gaia. I’m not sure aging has improved it. I stay there because they need a voice of dissent. There is a growing converstion in Men out of the Maze. Don’t be a stranger.

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