Gary Stamper reviews Numen, Old Men

Integral blogger Gary Stamper has posted a review of Numen, Old Men on his blog, Beyond Integral. He doesn’t like it that much, which isn’t a surprise as he inhabits a space the book is critical of, but I appreciate folks like Stamper who actually take the time to read about my position before rejecting it.

2 thoughts on “Gary Stamper reviews Numen, Old Men

  1. Dear Mr. Gelfer,

    Sorry I just found this after reading about Dr. Don Beck.

    Actually, I liked your book quite a lot. However, as I pointed out in my review on, it’s your conclusions I disagree with: Not the conclusion that there’s patriarchy in the Integral movement (there is), but conclusions that seem to be wild jumps of imagination. For instance, like since there’s a 50,000 foot viewpoint, it must equate with thrusting masculine rocket engines.

    Ialso like your approach of using Gry Spirituality as a model for what masculine spirituality could be, but in the meantime, there’s so much healing that has to be done with the masculine and the feminine, that we won’t, IMHO, be able to get to the higher levels of spirituality

  2. The first part posted before I was done or spell checked…..

    (con’t) until we wade through the “Ick” that permeates both: the shadows of the masculine and the feminine. If we don’t do that work, we spiritually “bypass” and take the pathologies with us as we reach for that higher place.

    Warm regards,


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