Numen, Old Men and Twitterspheric Theoerotics

One of the chapters in Numen, Old Men explores the idea that gay spirituality is a useful model for all masculine spirituality, as it is one type of spirituality performed solely by men (lesbian sisters clearly assumed to be separate) which resists the patriarchal tendencies often perpetuated by masculine spirituality.

This process also refers to the gay combination of sexuality and spirituality, which is largely ignored by regular masculine spirituality, except perhaps in reference to the fearful battle against lustful thoughts and addiction to pornography.

So it seems quite fitting that when I did some searching to see if Numen, Old Men had found its way in to the Twittersphere, that the one return I could find was by a gay man in Argentina whose blog hosts numerous pictures of young men having sex with one another. At least that particular browser history was at home rather than work…